unlike the Bright Sun Flood Desert, the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Jungle Flood has a slightly lower UV and light output locally and also emits less heat. The wide reflector of the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle ensures wide-area illumination of the terrarium. With a beam angle of 70°, light, heat and UV radiation are optimally diffused.
The Jungle Flood is ideal as terrarium lighting for animals that come from woodland areas and are not frequently exposed to direct sunlight. These include almost all chameleon species, many iguana species and anoles as well as diurnal geckos. As these species have a lower UV requirement, the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle is sufficient as the only lighting. This UV lamp is also suitable for lighting a rainforest terrarium.
For reptiles with a higher UV requirement, such as green iguanas, a combination with the Bright Sun UV Jungle is recommended. This allows localised sun spots to be created in the terrarium, which the animals can visit independently. A combination of at least two lamps is also advisable for larger terrariums.
The Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle offers many advantages. This floodlight for terrariums provides terrarium inhabitants with lighting that comes extremely close to the light conditions in their natural habitat. In addition to heat and light, this lamp emits the necessary UV rays to the animals. Thanks to the Bright Sun series, it is now possible for the first time ever to create natural lighting conditions for reptiles in the terrarium.
As sufficient light and warmth are vital for reptiles, high-quality lighting is an essential part of the terrarium equipment. The vitality and well-being of the animals is optimally supported by the use of Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle.
But it is not just the light output that is impressive. The savings factor is also a surprise. Although the heat and UV radiation of the Bright Sun Jungle Flood can be compared with a 160 watt UV lamp, it is very energy-saving in comparison. Even the light intensity is five times that of a conventional 160 watt UV floodlight. This means that the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle is many times more powerful with lower energy consumption.
In the natural habitat of reptiles, the light intensity can reach up to 100,000 lux. The Bright Sun FLOOD Jung le achieves up to 60,000 lux at a distance of 30 cm. The 150 watt version even achieves 67,000 lux at a distance of 50 cm. Conventional mixed light spotlights cannot even come close to keeping up with this. They achieve just 10,000 lux.
This illustrates how important the right lighting in terrariums is for the well-being of reptiles. Under the right lighting conditions, the animals display a completely different range of colours. They are much more colourful and much more vividly coloured.
The unbeatable values of the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle are due to the fact that almost all of the radiant energy can be converted directly into light. Conventional lamps lose up to 95 % of the energy because it is emitted as heat. This enormous waste heat, which can heat up a terrarium too much, does not occur with the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle model. It is therefore ideal for smaller terrariums. The sophisticated reflector directs almost all the heat onto the surface in the radiation area.
To be able to use this UV lamp optimally, you also need a ballast and a heat-resistant porcelain socket. The Bright Control Pro EVG (electronic ballast) or KVG (conventional ballast) and a suitable socket such as the Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Pro are a perfect match for the Bright Sun FLOOD UV lamps. These high-quality components are therefore easy to use and enable perfect lighting results with maximum energy savings.

This Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle UV lamp is available in 70 and 150 watt versions. The service life of a Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle is approx. 6000 hours. The UV output only decreases after one year and the lamp should be replaced. With conventional UV lamps, the UV output often decreases so much after just 3 months that they have to be replaced.

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