the dew worm(Lumbricus terrestris), also known as the eel worm or common earthworm, is the best known and most widespread species of native earthworm (Lumbricidae) and the genus Lumbricus, ahead of the compost worm(Eisenia foetida). It is between 12 and 30 centimetres long and its body is red at the front and pale at the back. The dew worm lives in meadows and gardens, digs tunnels up to three metres deep and burrows the soil very intensively. The optimum storage temperature is 4° degrees.

The leaf worm is slightly smaller than the dew worm. Particularly suitable for turtles.To keep leafworms for a long time, they should be stored in a cool place. They can be kept for a long time in the cellar up to approx. 16 degrees.

approx. 10 pieces

We recommend ordering a polystyrene box and a cold pack for warm temperatures.

Pack size: 10 pieces

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