The Dragon Heat Panel is a heating system that is used in a similar way to a heating mat.
The Dragon Heat Panel only radiates the heat generated to one side, which allows it to be attached to the top of the terrarium.
Dragon Heat - Panels are ideal heat sources for many snakes and other reptile species that like to seek out a high place in the terrarium close to the ceiling. The heat is generated over a large area and radiated into the terrarium.
A protective grid or similar is not necessary as the animals cannot wrap themselves around the heat panel.
The special energy-efficient technology of the Dragon Heat Panel heats the terrarium without lowering the humidity, as is the case with ceramic heaters, for example.
A must for keeping arboreal pythons and doghead wrasses.
Can also be used very well in rack systems.
Depending on the type of installation and material, pay attention to distance and temperature.
When using heat panels, we recommend the use of a Dragon thermostat.
- Dimmer included
- pre-drilled for easy installation

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