General terms and conditions with important customer information.
1) Shipping:
orders are accepted online during 24 hours. You can also place an order with us by phone. If you do not reach us, we will get back to you within 24 hours.
- For online orders, the order confirmation and billing information will be emailed to you within 24 hours. You are obliged to check the order confirmation immediately and to inform us immediately in case of discrepancies. Please note the point 5' exchange or return right' of our terms and conditions.

- The dispatch of food insects takes place in principle from Monday to Wednesday. Orders for this must be received by Sunday evening at 10 p.m. and Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. via the store, by e-mail or by telephone.

- The dispatch of live fish food takes place exclusively on Tuesday. Mixed orders containing live fish food and insects will be shipped on Tuesday. 

- pure accessory orders and show insect orders are available from stock and will be shipped by Wednesday. 

- Orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday after payment is received. 
- All packages are shipped A Mail. Once products are shipped, we will email you a shipping confirmation for online orders.
- We ship the feeder insects in the best and freshest quality possible. If a package arrives damaged from the outside, report it to the post office so they will cover the damage. We are not responsible for heat or cold damage. Heatpacks should not be dispensed with during the cold months. One heatpack will automatically appear in your shopping cart during the cold months. However, you can also order additional heatpacks in the store. When ordering frozen food, a styrofoam box and dry ice is automatically added to the shopping cart, which can be removed manually. When ordering live fish food in the warm months, the styrofoam box and a cold pack (in the depot) are also automatically added to the shopping cart. 

- Packages are sent all year round as ordered, even in extreme temperatures. Should the post office leave the packages in the sun or cold or deliver them late, we, as well as the post office, assume no liability.

 - Holidays: If a holiday is on a Monday, the delivery is automatically postponed by one day (Easter Monday, Whit Monday).  

2) Postage costs:
The transport costs are shown in the order confirmation. From an order value of 90 CHF the postage costs are waived. We offer express shipping for 9 CHF from an order value of 90 CHF.

3) Terms of payment:
a. For online orders by prepayment, we ship after receipt of payment. The account details will be communicated after receipt of order. Shipping and payment conditions | Pocerias

b. In case of pickup, you can select the payment method.
c. at the first reminder, because of the expenses, a reminder fee of 10.- will be charged, at the 2nd reminder 40.-
 d. If an order is not paid after 2 fruitless reminders, we reserve the right to take legal action.
4) General:
-Insects may vary in quantity and size. Most of the insects are packed by weight, so sometimes there may be more or less if the size varies. The weight is always the same. All weights or numbers are approximate.

- we have introduced a small quantity surcharge of Fr. 5.- with a minimum order value of Fr. 15.-.

5) Exchange or return policy:
Our food animals are excluded from exchange or return.
Should you wish to exchange an item (accessories), this is possible within 10 days of receipt. However, the goods must be in unopened and perfect condition. The transport to is at your own expense and risk.
6) Guarantee:
In case of wrong delivery or other problems you are obliged to inform us. We guarantee to take care of your problem within the shortest possible time.
7) Retention of title:
The goods are until full payment property of
8) Change AGB`s, prices:
The prices,  the offer and the AGB`s  can be changed at any time without advance notice by us. Misprints and obvious errors in price lists do not entitle to any claims. Older price lists lose their validity with the publication of this
price list. 
9) Trademark protection and copyright is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use of our logo or our name will be prosecuted. 
Place of jurisdiction is in 8570 Weinfelden

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